Villa Projects

In villa designs, the customer’s needs are the priority, so some special productions might be needed. In these cases, working with Turkish manufacturers that provide special custom production would meet your needs on costs and supply processes.

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How to reduce costs in villa designs

For special projects like villas, exported products are often preferred. In such cases, whether these products are in storage or not is important and the importation processes and costs should be analyzed correctly. 

Before importing for your villa projects that have detailed architectural designs and definitions, you should get acquainted with the Turkish manufacturers, on whether it can meet your needs or not; so that you can minimize the direct and indirect costs of your project. The products should be mounted before the shipment if possible, they should be packaged carefully for a safer transfer. A mounting and last control in the production area before the shipment would minimize possible inconveniences. Especially for villa projects, providing various products from one location would lower logistic costs both in the country and through international transfer.

If you haven’t made your mind on the interior design products, we can support you on matters like design, color, and shape. Clarifying project details is very important. This way the offers you will receive from Turkish manufacturers will be evaluated within the same parameters.

Some of the products that are requested for villas:

Some of the products that are requested for Villa projects:

Interior Door

Exterior Door 

Sliding Door

Kitchen Cabinet 

Bathroom Vanity 

Dressing Room 

Tile & Sanitaryware




Wall Paper 

Carpet & Curtain System

Wall Cladding & Wooden Wall

Wooden Stairs

Folding Door

Garage door

Outdoor Furniture

For your other product requests from Turkish manufacturers, you can contact us.



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