We evaluate interior decoration products that you will supply from Turkey based on the same parameters and report with detailed contents and analysis.

If you send the details of your requested products or projects, we can offer a special free price quote for your project.

We provide many services in your procurement processes, including BOQ and Interior 3D works of either your individual housing projects or complex large projects.

Attention! Which one is or which ones are YES for you?

Are you researching how to be able to supply the product you need from Turkey?

Do you need a partner that can support your interior design works and follow up the procurement process?

Do you want to supply products from Turkish Manufacturers but you can not get enough data to make accurate analysis?

Do you want to focus on other workings you will carry out instead of correspondence and phone calls that you constantly have to answer?

Do you want to speed up the procurement process but do not have enough time to plan before and after purchasing?

Do you need quick solutions to increase the efficiency of the purchasing team and architectural group?

Which Product do you need?


Step 1: Get Information

Firstly, We get information regarding the products which you requested.

We consider all details.

Step 2:Approve

We offer a price and pre-assessment report for your project. If you approve our quotation, we start to work.

Step 3: Preparation

If you don’t have any design or detail, we help you. We constitute the request forms for the manufacturer.

Step 4: Collect the prices

We collect quotations according to the same parameters.

Step 5: Add the details and documents

We prepare a comparison table and graphics according to the prices of the manufacturers. We also add pictures, drawings, the documents such as the CE-TSE-CARB.

Step 6Contact Information

We present the prices with original quotations and add the contact information of the producers.

Step 7: Support

If you would like support from us about online negotiation with the manufacturers, supply samples, online factory tours, of course we can help.

Who can get Procurement Consulting?

Construction Companies

Project Management Consultants




Supply Chain Consultants

Import / Export Firms

Frequently Asked Questions

At which stage of the project can I get support?

You can get support from us while your project is at the tender stage, while the foundation is laid, the walls are built, that is, in all processes.

What is the warranty period of the products?

Minimum 2-year warranty coverage is based on the products you request. Product warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

What is your responsibility for the producers?

We provide you with the material offers of the manufacturers that can meet your needs, along with the details, and prepare the analysis. We transmit all contact information to you. If you want to get more information about our manufacturers or if you want us to manage the process, we discuss the request details and provide support. However, the selection of the manufacturers is your choice and we do not accept any responsibility regarding this issue.

What is your responsibility for the producers?

We collaborate with our architectural groups for design work. In addition, we revise your designs for production and help you determine your prices accordingly.

Do you provide Logistics Service?

We assist you in determining the companies that are suitable for both planning and your request regarding logistics. However, we do not have a direct logistics service.

Do you have sample support?

We ensure that the samples you want are supplied and delivered to you by providing the necessary negotiations.

What are the Benefits?

At least 2 years guarantee

Minimum risk

Increases Efficiency

Saves Time

Provides catching the target budget

Mock-up supply 

Still have a question?

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