Before you start looking for consulting firms in Turkey, you should decide in which areas you would like to receive consulting in Turkey. You are going to invest in property? You are going to import anything of Turkish origin? You need project management or digital services? You can reach professional consulting firms serving in various fields. There are many consulting companies in Turkey. You can easily reach especially the best consulting companies in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Bursa according to the field you want to get service.

Key Aspects of finding the best consulting companies in Turkey for your needs

There are some key aspects to keep in mind below when finding the best consulting companies for your needs. By considering these issues, you will have created your roadmap before looking for the consulting companies in Turkey.

1-Start by defining exactly what you need help with in counseling.

The more specifically define your needs, the better able your steps will be. For example; you would like to get support regarding the procurement process in Turkey. But which stage for?

You want to find suppliers in Turkey. Or you’ve already identified your suppliers, but need quality control services in Turkey by local consultants before logistics. It is important to be specific.

2-Is it better for you to seek short-term counseling or long-term support?

Short-term counseling can be beneficial to businesses that need to solve or improve specific problems. The counselor can assist the person or organization in identifying the problem’s reason and making a plan to solve the problem. Supposing; you would like to have a property in Turkey. But you don’t know opportunities in real estate. Or, you don’t know the legal processes.

Long-term support is the ideal choice for businesses that have projects or dealing with more serious problems. For example; If you are constantly supplying from Turkey, you can request quality control services. Or you can get a market analysis for product sales in different areas. You can make monthly consultant agreements for this and similar service requests.

3-The right choice should be made for the reliability of the results

Actually, the Reliability of results on consulting services can vary depending on a number of factors. It is important for businesses to be aware of these factors when selecting a local consultant in order to ensure the most accurate and beneficial results. By taking the time to research and compare different consultants, businesses can be confident they are making the best decision for their needs. The consultancy firm’s specialty and experiences are important surely.

While searching for the consulting companies in Turkey;

  1. Suggestions from your friends who have worked with a consulting company in Turkey can be gotten.
  2. You can use descriptive phrases such as “Project Procurement Consulting Services in Turkey” while searching on Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  3. You can access consultancy firms through B2B sites.
  4. You can use social media in order to locate a firm, which also has an online presence.

4-Consulting Pricing (Consulting Costs)

Hourly pricing can be a good choice according to the work will do. However, it is not possible every time. You might need to consider the pricing according to finishing the project. Or you can pay for a product or a service. Being clear on the deal terms is significant for you and your local consultant in order to haven’t bad experience 🙂

Briefly, you can consider 5 base aspects;

  1. Hourly Pricing
  2. Daily Pricing
  3. Monthly Pricing
  4. Project Pricing
  5. Product or Service Pricing

Types of the consulting firms in Turkey

There are many different types of consulting firms. While some of them provide services in many different areas, others may prefer to provide consultancy services in their own fields of expertise. Some of the areas that consulting firms in Turkey;

  • Project Procurement Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Project Management Consulting
  • Financial and Accounting Companies
  • Legal Advice Services
  • Information Techonolgy (IT) and Data Analysis Companies
  • Business Development Companies
  • Production and Turnkey Factory Installation Consulting
  • Education and Grant Consulting
  • Brand and Patent Consulting
  • Human Resource Consulting

The advantages of using a Turkish consulting firm

There are many reasons to consider using a Turkish consulting firm for your business needs. As you know, Turkey is located in a key strategic region and boasts a large, highly educated and skilled labor force.

Turkey also has quality products and manufacturers. The consulting firms in Turkey assist you to find the best choices for your workflows.

TPROP Consulting is a Project Procurement Consulting Company based in Turkey, which provides many professional consultancy services in your procurement processes and quality control before logistics, including BOQ and Interior 3D works of either your individual housing projects or complex large projects. It was founded by Mrs. Gamze ÇINAR, who has over 12 years of experience in the field of construction projects.

Finding a product or a supplier sometimes takes much more time than we estimate. Don’t you think so? For Easy procurement solutions;

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