Residantial Projects

Your Residence & Apartment Building project may be ongoing or at a bidding process. We know how important the costs are for you to meet your undertaking or when preparing for a bidding. It is not always an easy task to determine the products within your budget and gather them to show your work’s quality and create a difference, all while meeting your undertaking terms. Also, there is no doubt on the effect of interior design works on the sales of an apartment.

Lately, ergonomic, modern furniture that take up less space are preferred for Housing & Apartment Building projects. For various concept designs, there are a lot of semi-product firms in Turkey that would provide a wide color, design, and measurement scale. Thanks to these opportunities, your projects will have the right quality price balance through your purchases from Turkey.

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Finding Turkish kitchen cabinet Manufacturers and door manufacturers for residence projects

How to reduce the costs in Residence &Apartment Building design

It is important to work with mass production firms in Residence and alike projects that contain many apartments. Also, knowing where these firms stand on custom measurement orders and taking it into consideration would be advantageous for cost accounting. Because requesting special measurement products from a mass production firm might slow down their main production processes. So, a prior standardization work on measurement, color and design would save you time and help you lower down your costs. In case of high number orders of the same product, we face with logistics costs, and products are requested to be delivered demounted. Of course, correct packaging of the products and detailed information on the mounting process would prevent possible problems after the delivery. If you also undertake the transfer costs, the container placings are also important for you. Along with packaging and transfer, we should also consider your project’s timetable. Luckily, you can solve many such matters with us, and purchase extra services for your other possible requests.

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Some of the products that are requested for Residential & Apartment Building projects:

Interior Door

Exterior Door 

Sliding Door

Kitchen Cabinet 

Bathroom Vanity 

Dressing Room 

Tile & Sanitaryware




Wall Paper

Letter Box

Wall Cladding & Wooden Wall

Fire doors

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Preliminary Procurement Report in Turkey

Learn How To Lower Your Residence Project Costs With A Procurement Consultant in Turkey. Click here for FREE Pre-Procurement Report.