Kitchen Equipment & Hotel Furniture Manufacturers for Hospitality

When you’re thinking about purchasing kitchen equipment or hotel furniture for your hospitality business, be sure to choose the right kitchen equipment brands and hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey according to your project needs. Sure not just these, many building material suppliers will help you import the right construction products from Turkey. There are many reputable brands out there, and finding the right one for your business is important.

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Even though they are not highly complex structures, hotel projects are evaluated within the scopes of both standard and special product concepts. Different types of rooms, lobbies, sports centers, saunas and such require detailed work on hotel projects. Especially for rooms, aesthetics and functional features are inevitably prioritized in hotel projects. A calm, safe and comfortable space should be reached in small areas. That’s why the workmanship & product quality of hotel furniture manufacturers are significant especially.

There are a few things to keep in mind when procuring the products for your hotel project.

First, choosing kitchen equipment brands and hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey is so important. Because manufacturing and quality control are important for hospitality projects especially. These projects generally have sensitive custom products. Therefore, make sure the company has references for customized products and installations. Unfortunately, manufacturing is not enough for some hospitality projects. For example; there is curve wall cladding in your project. The firm can produce it but installation mistakes may be if they haven’t experience with the montage.

Second, find out what kind of guarantee the manufacturer or supplier offers.

Finally, be sure to ask about any discounts for deals the company may be offering 🙂

End to End Procurement consultants will assist you with issues such as particularly finding suppliers, alternative solutions, quality control and packaging in coordination with construction authorities. You can request a free report for your project by clicking here from End to End Procurement Consultants in Turkey.

How to reduce costs in hotel designs without contracting with hotel furniture manufacturers

When designing a hotel, it’s significant to keep in mind the cost of construction. Especially hotel furniture manufacturers with a good interior architect team in Turkey can support you in this regard. The concepts and interior designs of hotel projects might drastically differ between one and the other. The designs of a small and functional hotel that offers short period stay and that of one that is further away from the city center, and that offers a calming vacation would be different from each other. When designing hotel projects, many different parameters should be taken into consideration and evaluated separately. Particularly, hotel furniture is one of the high-cost products and affects both costs and functional design strongly.

Consequently, the cost-lowering decisions you would make for a luxurious hotel project or a thermal one or a boutique hotel project would not be the same. This is why there is no standard way of lowering the costs of hotels. You should clearly determine the important criteria for your project at the beginning of the supply process.

For example; There are several ways to reduce the cost of hotel furniture. One is to use lower-cost materials such as plywood and MDF in your project, rather than more expensive woods such as olive, wenge or mahogany. Or, you can choose furniture with lower production costs. You can optimize your costs even with some minor changes in designs made like this. Reducing the cost is not giving quality wood. You can obtain furniture that can be used for a long time by making different designs with quality products. You can also minimize the costs through your actions in the supply process, particularly in revised projects of hotels. If you do not have a relevant team for this, hotel furniture manufacturers in Turkey can help you in this regard.

You can receive a free-of-charge offer right now to lower your supply costs for hotel furniture and hotel construction materials.

Some of the products that are requested for hotel projects:

Entrance Door

Interior Door



Bed Base & Head & Mattress

Night Stand

Desk Chair

Bathroom Vanity


Coach (Sofa)

Lighting & Switch Outpanels

Operating & Small Equipment

Fire-Rated Doors

Locker (Changing Room)

Tile & Sanitaryware

Table & Chair

Wall Paper 

Decorative Items

Carpet & Curtain System

Hotel Furniture

Wall & Ceiling Cladding (Wall & Ceiling Cover)

Acoustic Panel

Office Furniture


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