In scope of Clarification Text presented in accordance with Code no. 6698 on Protection of Personal Data (“CPPD”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on General Data Protection (“GDPR”), I hereby accept and declare that I have been informed by the Company on the following points and give explicit consent to:

My personal data comprising of name, surname, e-mail address (if personal), and mobile phone number (if personal) which are collected by the Company shall be processed by the Company and/or authorized data processors, in scope of purposes of planning and carrying out the activities necessary to recommend and promote the products and services offered by the Company to the relevant persons by customizing them according to their preferences, habits of use and needs, and planning and performing the Company’s commercial and business strategies, and shall be transferred to third parties at home and on abroad; also such personal data shall be transferred to third parties on abroad on the basis of explicit consent for the purposes of carrying out, by means of business units and/or data processor, the necessary work to provide those who would benefit from the products and services offered by the Company, improving and increasing the service quality with respect to relevant business processes; and my personal data which are collected, directly or indirectly relating to purposes of fulfilling obligations arising out of contracts concluded with our clients shall be transferred to third parties on abroad (abroad means “outside of Republic of Turkey”).

I hereby accept and declare to have given explicit consent to that, limited to the purposes listed above, my personal data shall be transferred by the Company to its employees, officers, group companies which currently exists or which will be incorporated in future (Company and/or its business partners, its shareholders), legally authorized governmental bodies and institutions, and independent auditing firms, survey firms within the framework of statutory obligations and legal boundaries, to enable their activities; to the business partners or service providers from and/or with which the Company receives service or cooperate for the sake of performance of services and/or activities which I will be served.

Also, I hereby accept and declare that, by application to be made to the Company, in scope of article 11 of CPPD and articles 12-23 of GDPR, I have the right to be informed on whether his/her Personal Data are processed or not, to request information if his/her Personal Data are processed, to be informed on the purpose of his/her Personal Data processing and whether this Personal Data is used for intended purposes, to know the domestic and foreign third parties to whom his/her Personal Data is transferred, to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any, and to request notification thereon to third parties to whom his/her personal data has been transferred, to request the erasure or destruction of his/her Personal Data under the conditions laid down in legislation, and to request notification thereon to third parties to whom his/her personal data has been transferred, to object to the processing, exclusively by automatic means, of his/her Personal Data, which results in an unfavourable consequence for the Personal Data subject, to request compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of his/her Personal Data, as well as I have right to make application to the Company, along with information and/or documents necessary to identify my ID, including my request concerning any of the rights counted above by filling the form in this link, a wet-ink signed copy of which I shall send to Company’s office located in Yeşilköy Mah. Atatürk Cad. EGS Blokları Apt. No:12/26 Bakırköy, Istanbul-Turkey, in personal or by a representative who has been duly authorised to make application on my behalf by hand, registered letter, by means of a letter to be drawn through public notary, or any other methods set out by Personal Data Protection Board.

Additionally, I hereby accept and declare that my personal data which I shared with the Company are authentic and accurate, and that I will notify the Company on any change in such data.

I give explicit consent to processing of my personal data and transfer thereof to third parties on abroad, I have been completely informed in this respect, I have read and understood this Explicit Consent Declaration and Privacy Policy / Clarification Text. (I have read, understood and approved approve by ticking the relevant box on digital platforms)

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