Finding Suppliers/Products/Manufacturers in Turkey

It is not difficult finding suppliers and products in Turkey on the internet. However, it is not easy task to determine whether a firm is reliable enough, and whether it can meet your exact needs. Plus, not every firm offers the same prices. Even the expo visits without a detailed prior work are usually not efficient. Don’t forget, your time is valuable. Your time is money. We make the research without the need for your presence, so that you can reach the correct results in a short time. Finding the right Turkish Suppliers are just one of the most basic procure consulting services in Turkey. Procurement Consultants can help you find reliable and affordable suppliers in Turkey. Plus, we make the research process easy for you by visiting expos and providing detailed information about the products we are looking to procure.

finding suppliers in procurement process by procuring consulting

Factory Confirmation with Quality Control Consultants 

When planning a factory visit by quality control consultants, it is important to have a clear idea of what you want to see and confirm that all necessary controls are in place. Factory visits, assuring necessary controls, preparation of photographs and visual reports. So that the Factories of manufacturers in Turkey are all visited without your presence in here. Then, it is presented as a report by quality control consultants to you.

procure consulting services in Turkey by quality control consultants and procurement consultants

Sample & Product Tests in Procure Consulting

We conduct the requested product tests by relevant institutions in Turkey. We discuss the product and process with the testing institutions you have approved. We also take care of the supply and delivery of the products whose produce manufacturers and prices are confirmed by you. This way, we support you for the minimization of the risks that you might take with procure consulting.

procure consulting services is make the procurement process easier by procurement consultants

Negotiation & Best Pricing with Suppliers in Turkey

You are not alone in the meetings that you will have with the suppliers in Turkey that give you offers. We are by your side through both online and face-to-face meetings. We are here to help you through the negotiations and to make sure that you are getting the best possible deal.  Procurement Consultants pre-evaluate the factors that might benefit you, because our aim is your satisfaction and the continuity of cooperation.

finding suppliers in Turkey and negotiations for complex projects by procurement consultants

Last Product Control by Quality Control Consultants

It is your natural right to see whether the products meet the standards that you want, before loading. This is why, we check on measurements, counts, packaging, container placement and such. the Checklists you have prepared may be used. Besides; The checklists that procurement consultants will prepare according to the product may be used as well after you approve. The choice is yours. We present the details to you in visual reports. Thus, you can experience a more reliable purchasing process in Turkey by Quality Control Consultants.

quality control consultants join all details for a good procurement process

Extra Services in Procurement Consulting

If you wish to come to Turkey, which you are always welcome 😊, planning of all services such as accommodation, travels, expo appearances, or translation are made prior to your arrival, so that you can use your time in the most efficient way. All there is left for you to do is to enjoy doing business in Turkey.

If you have a construction project or if you intend to import construction materials such as furniture, marble, limestone, accessories, tile, door, lighting from Turkey, we can prepare a Preliminary Procurement Report for your needs. In fact, you already have many reasons to contact us.