1910, 2022

Building Materials Fairs in Istanbul-Summary (Exhibitions in Turkey)

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We know how important building materials fairs in Turkey are for you. Especially, fairs in Istanbul. Although online meetings make the processes easier, we can say that it is a good opportunity to see the colors, textures, and workmanship of the products and even to supply prepared samples and color charts. Of course, the commercial trust and sincerity provided by face-to-face meetings are different. We have summarized building materials [...]

1106, 2022

Before Researching Consulting Firms in Turkey!

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Before you start looking for consulting firms in Turkey, you should decide in which areas you would like to receive consulting in Turkey. You are going to invest in property? You are going to import anything of Turkish origin? You need project management or digital services? You can reach professional consulting firms serving in various fields. There are many consulting companies in Turkey. You can easily reach especially the [...]

2010, 2021

Procurement Consulting: Get the most out of your spending!

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Why businesses are struggling with procurement? There are many external factors that give businesses a hard time in the procurement process. Some of these are recent politics, currency fluctuations, incorrectly determined strategies, implementation mistakes, and wrong or poorly timed investments. Although some businesses can turn these troubles into advantages and reach positive results, it is not the case for all firms, of course. To be prepared for these possible [...]

2010, 2021

What is the purpose of Consultancy Services?

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In one hand, consultancy aims to provide detailed reports with clear solutions to a wide variety of businesses in their projects, purchases, field research and such. On the other hand, it helps prevent the problems that might be encountered while these solutions are being put to use after the consultancy process is terminated. For the consultancy process to work smoothly, the consultant and the client must sign an agreement [...]

1605, 2021

Digital B2B Services in the Construction Industry

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There are many factors affecting the requested product from the raw material to the production and application process. You may come across other elements that you need to include in your fair program, such as seeing the product, getting to know the product, seeing the details, visiting its factories. We know how difficult it is to capture the feeling of warmth and confidence of a face-to-face meeting in a digital [...]

1605, 2021

Why Project Procurement Consulting?

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Even in the search for specific products with standard dimensions, there may be significant differences between the prices purchased. But why? Apart from the issues that vary from company to company such as logistics, packaging, marketing, capacity, there are other details that affect the unit cost of the product. It is possible to find door manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, parquet manufacturers who complete large projects in Turkey. As in every country, [...]

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