Even in the search for specific products with standard dimensions, there may be significant differences between the prices purchased. But why?

Apart from the issues that vary from company to company such as logistics, packaging, marketing, capacity, there are other details that affect the unit cost of the product.

It is possible to find door manufacturers, cabinet manufacturers, parquet manufacturers who complete large projects in Turkey. As in every country, the material costs of each company can also vary related to the issues such as the frequency and amount of procurement of raw materials.

It is very important to be in close contact with suppliers and to know the market conditions in order to determine these issues and to find the product that best suits your needs at the right prices.

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The better you know the product you need, the easier your job will be. However, it is necessary to consider the applicability in projects and how it can affect the processes.

When purchasing a standard product, the user manual and the barcodes that you can follow the stock stand out. In your construction projects on the other hand; labels showing which block, which floor, which apartment, which room, maybe which product group that module or part belongs to, are required. However, making storage and logistics plans suitable for the project process instead of one-time shipment plans reduces the risks and costs that may occur.

The project procurement consultant, who has information about the materials to be procured in the country you import and can cooperate with you impartially, makes it easier to foresee the disruptions that may arise during the procurement process.

Getting procurement consultancy service for your projects will enable you to manage your processes, time, and budget more accurately. For your project needs, especially furniture and interior decoration groups; you can contact us.