There are many factors affecting the requested product from the raw material to the production and application process. You may come across other elements that you need to include in your fair program, such as seeing the product, getting to know the product, seeing the details, visiting its factories.

We know how difficult it is to capture the feeling of warmth and confidence of a face-to-face meeting in a digital environment. Now, instead of going to boutiques and asking if it has a size or another color, we can see the product we want in a digital environment in 3D. Isn’t that so? Although they have not become very common yet, they will be seen more frequently in the near future.

While this is the case, it is inevitable to expect things to be faster and more efficient in the B2B world. Of course, it is possible to say that technology makes processes easier and offers more. Thus, a quick decision can be made by meeting with the relevant experts on the requested products or the construction project.

Although the products ordered today are different products from different companies, there are platforms where we can track how much of the products can fit on which vehicle, where the vehicle is, when it will arrive at its destination. The fact that meetings can now be held visually in digital environments, the speed of document transactions and even the easy resolution of payment processes increase efficiency.

At the same time, it should be said that digital platforms are indispensable for the B2B world in marketing processes.

Although robot systems increase in factories, the human factor in the construction sector is undeniable. However, the fact that people can easily follow up and control tasks from the field or from the office is of great importance in process management. If the staff working on the 20th floor can make a revision according to the demand with the instruction given by the project officer from the office without leaving the work they do on the facade, it is necessary to take advantage of the technology. In addition to many new machines and robots, there are such useful software and hardware that; it is necessary to research, read, question, consult and follow. Of course, there is also a cost to provide these benefits.

But the important thing is;

What is Real Need?

Why It’s Necessary?

How can it procure?

Where should it supply from?

When should it supply?

Who is the authorized person or company?