You’re looking for Turkish Manufacturers?

No need to spend weeks researching, negotiating with different companies for the best offer. You can easily reach Right Turkish Manufacturers for your project needs such as building materials, furniture, door, floor covering…


Procurement Consulting & Management

We help you find the right product for your budget, supply it from the manufacturer and increase your profitability rate, through our analysis with well-prepared parameters.

We know that you have to delay your travels. In this process, we provide reliable cooperation with our premium procurement consulting services to facilitate and speed up your work. Thus, while we create your supply chain, you can move on with your projects in a safer and faster way.

Why Turkey?

Turkey easily provides export to many countries, thanks to its advantageous location.

High quality products

Logistics costs

Competitive prices

Special production and mounting

Experienced and Hardworking teams

Who are these Suppliers/ Producers?

All businesses we work with are experts in their fields that produce or import in Turkey. All details on our producers and suppliers can be found in the supply report that we will provide for you. This way, you will have received extensive information on the people you will be working with and the service or the products you will receive.

The Ease of Importing Materials and Product from TURKEY

We work on a pre-evaluation after you send us your requests on the products that you want to buy from Turkey. With your approval, we gather all the necessary information from you and determine which producers/suppliers are suitable for you. We share the optimized information with these producers/suppliers and gather their offers for you.

Apart from this, we provide a thorough service on matters like detailed drawings, packaging, and logistics. We also arrange online meetings at showrooms or production areas of our producers/suppliers, and aide you according to your wishes on agreements and such. Throughout the process, until the products are safely delivered to you, we are near you.

Fast Solutions

If you have a construction project or import building materials, you have many reason to contact us.

Schedule an online meeting and bring your procurement process to new level with us!


“Earn more by changing your purchasing strategy.”


Kitchen Cabinet

Bathroom Cabinet

Interior Door

Exterior Door

Fire Resitant  Door


Acoustic Wall Coverings

Wall and Ceiling Covers

Office Furniture

Table & Armchair & Chair


Garden Furniture

When should you reach us?

Before starting the construction,

While you make decisions on the details for your project,

As the construction continues,

When you want to do bulk buying,

During your remodeling plan,

When you want to import goods from Turkey,

Briefly, when you need the right place to find the best price-performance ratio.

” Tprop Consulting is Minimum Cost, Minimum Time,

 Maximum Efficiency “

Quality Service

10+ Years Experience

Easy Payment

Security of Information


Evaluation on products with at least 2 years of warranty

Minimization of the supply risk

Increasing profitability


Facilitation of the supply process

Budget-friendly, high-quality material optimization

Sample supply support

Quality/ Guarantee/ Material “test” support

“No possible offer is more valuable than your time”

Just 30 min.

If you are bored of calling up producers one by one, of calls, correspondences or visits that take days, if you don’t want to lose any more time, 

For reliable cooperation opportunity and a better procurement process in Turkey, schedule an online meeting with us!


Receive tender for your project or market analysis. Start earning with “TIME“.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can make more money, but you cannot more time.”

Jim Rohn



We can prepare studies private to your project in home furniture; doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobes, parquet…


We can provide detailed analysis toward the information collected in accordance with the same criteria for your many product requests such as bed head…


Supply support is also provided in textile groups such as lightings, bed, carpet & curtain groups as well as wardrobe…


Garden furniture, door, kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe, fire door, parquet, exterior door being in the first place…

Educational Building

You can decide in a short time by choosing the manufacturer company suitable for your budget in the group of conference room seats…

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with contractors?2021-10-18T22:40:35+00:00

No. We also work with supply stores that export, with restoration projects, contractors with small or comprehensive construction projects, architects with design works, and subcontractor firms. We also provide support minimizing the buying and export times of big businesses for optimum results.. In short, for building materials that require import from Turkey, we are here.

How long does it take for the procurement report to be ready?2021-10-18T22:26:22+00:00

We usually deliver the report within 1-2 weeks. This period might be longer for some projects that require a more detailed work.

Do you service for the quality control process?2021-10-18T22:48:10+00:00

All of the products that you purchase are evaluated within your quality standards, either right before packaging or before the service process is terminated. You receive a quality control report along with the attached files related your procurement process. You can find all the details in these reports.

Will I be able to directly communicate with the producers/suppliers?2021-10-18T22:27:02+00:00

Yes, absolutely. All detailed contact information will be present in the supply report we will prepare for you.

Is payment via credit card or bank card (virtual card) possible?2021-10-18T22:25:45+00:00

For your payments through credit card or bank card (virtual card), you can safely use our bank links that are protected with high level protection systems. As we share these links with you, you will be able to reach the bank information and safety certificates. So, we do not receive or process your card information in any way. All of the process is handled through banking systems.

What is the per-hour consultancy pricing?2021-10-18T22:24:44+00:00

We work on a pre-evaluation that is suitable for your project or request, and present convenient offers. All the processes are started along with your approval. Our priority is the successful completion of a task that we have started. So, we do not think an hour-based pricing is convenient.

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